A Hard Decision: I May Not Go To Gatlinburg

Image by gyathanarts on Pixabay.

About a month ago I shared my excitement regarding the first meetup of The Writers’ Block coming up at the end of June. We would meet to discuss new and exciting things for our community, and to just have fun visiting and hanging out with each other.

Unfortunately, it is very possible that I may not be able to make it. Another friend of mine is hoping to go and if so, I’ll ride with her. But over the past week I’ve been trying to find alternate forms of travel for just myself in the event that her plans fell through.

But, the logistics soon became a nightmare. My husband and I only have one vehicle, which he needs for work, and the closest train, bus, or airport are all well over an hour’s drive from where we live. The best option I had was having my husband drive me to the train station on Tuesday night, the 19th. The train would take me and Evie from Culpeper, VA to Roanoke, VA, where @rhondak would pick me up. Wednesday morning Evie and I would ride with her to Gatlinburg. That would’ve been the easy part. The return trip, however, had clashed schedules everywhere. It just wasn’t going to work out.

I was really looking forward to the opportunity to see my friends who’ve become like family in such a short time frame. Also, as an editor at @thewritersblock, I wanted to be part of the conversations that will take place there regarding the updates to our growing community of writers.

But I’m at peace with my decision. Trying to figure out the wacky logistics was beginning to stress me out, so it was better that I just leave it at, “If I can go, great. If not, this won’t be the last time.”

If I’m not able to be there, I need everyone that is going to take lots of pictures and report back with all of the fun and crazy stuff that happened. I will just have to live vicariously through all of you until I am able to meet you face-to-face 🙂


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