Another ‘Behind the Scenes’ look at “Jophi’s Journey”

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As I begin working on chapter 7 of Jophi’s Journey, I thought I’d give you all another “behind the scenes” look at some of my processes for rewriting this Hans Christian Anderson tale.

Every Hero Needs an Arc

First of all, it’s been hard. Haha. When is writing not hard, though?

One of the most difficult part with this story, though, is adding elements that Anderson didn’t have. Like character arc. I absolutely LOVE Anderson, but his character John in The Traveling Companion had no arc. I mention in my post How “The Travelling Companion” became “Jophi’s Journey” that everything was done for John by the traveling companion. Defeating the villain, solving his problems–all that was the companion, not him. And while circumstance changed, he as a character didn’t.

I set out to change that for my character, Jophi. At the same time, I didn’t want to lose the importance of the companion to the story. He’s not just there as a pretty face, or for witty dialogue. I needed him to be her spiritual guide along her journey, and I’m still not sure if I have accomplished that, so I may have to take a closer look when the story is finished and I start editing it all together into an ebook.

Every Hero Needs a Spiritual Guide

Regardless of whether your story is Christian based or not, your protagonist needs someone that helps guide them spiritually and emotionally, enabling them to make their own choices.

Jophi is about to experience some heavy doubt and inner turmoil. She’s always been raised to help others, and she cares so much for other people, that helping them normally comes easy to her. Now she is the one that needs help, and she struggles with the desire to help other people and to help herself. If you’ve read up till chapter 6, you might’ve seen the beginnings of her crisis of faith, something that I’ll be exploring more in the next chapter. As she heads into this pain, she will need Ven to guide her.

Every Hero Needs to Hurt

To be honest, the difficulties I’m facing don’t deal as much with the fact that I’m rewriting Anderson’s character. It has more to do with the fact that I’ve fallen in love with Jophi, and I don’t want her to hurt. Causing her emotional pain and inner turmoil is painful to me as her author, and writing it out makes me want to curl up and cry, even though I know she needs to go through this so that she can change her story and come out stronger on the other side.

As a result, I may need to focus on finishing the story before I post the next chapter. Don’t be surprised if it’s a while before you see more of Jophi’s story–I’m just making sure it’s done right.

For those who have been following the story this far and are still into it: Thank You.



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