Blog Updates – SteemPress and Google Adsense

Image by geralt on Pixabay

Part of being an author is marketing yourself. Getting your name out into the world, your work seen and appreciated, and building a fan base. All of which requires a lot of hard work, but also a little bit of help from handy plugins and tools.

I knew that being on Steem would help me re-start my career as an author and get me blogging again. Shortly after my account was approved, I found The Writer’s Block, a group of writers that strive to help each other improve our work for mainstream publication. In the few months I’ve been a member, my writing skills have improved in leaps and bounds, and I look forward to seeing just how much more they improve in the months to come. A by-product of participating was networking with other writers from all walks of their career. Being a part of this group has been a true blessing to my life in many ways.

One area I found myself still lacking was a way to get my name out there on both my blog and the Steem platform, and ways to make a steady income from both while I wait for my first book deal.

Enter SteemPress and Google Adsense.

SteemPress is a plugin developed by @howo and @fredrikaa. With this plugin I can write a post to my blog ( and have it instantly also post to my Steem profile with the possibility of getting upvotes and earning some money for each post. For more information about this handy plugin, go checkout this post.

In addition to SteemPress, I’ve also created an account with Google Adsense and have begun inserting ads that will hopefully garner some extra income for me and my family as I continue pursuing my writing career.


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