Patreon and Steady Announcement

Recently I posted about setting up SteemPress on my blog, as well as Google Ads to try to make some sort of an income with my blogging. While Steempress is working quite well, with the current rates of Steem and SBD, it’s not enough to really make a difference. And without any traffic on my WordPress blog, the ads weren’t bringing in any sort of revenue.

Why am I trying to make an income with my blogs? I am a stay at home mom to a very active toddler, and currently my husband is working two jobs. I want to be able to contribute to our finances so our bills can get paid while still staying home with her and working on my writing.

That said, I have set up subscription campaigns on both Patreon and Steady. Whichever platform you choose to support me on, you will see my blog posts and content before anyone else sees it. And the higher level plans will get things that other people won’t.

In addition to being able to pay the bills, I’m also hoping that if I get enough subscribers on both platforms, I can eventually fund self-publishing my stories and novels.

I hope to see you there!


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