Rewriting a Folk Tale

About a month ago I joined a really fun writing group on Discord called The Writers’ Block. We peer review each other’s work till it’s polished and ready to be published, either to SteemIt or through mainstream chanels. We also brainstorm together, and have weekly-ish writing exercises where we can further strengthen our skills.

I say “weekly-ish”, because our last exercise ended up being more involved than anyone originally planned. It started out as a two week project, and we had to extend it an extra week.

Here’s the task we were given:

Rewrite a fairy tale as a deep POV (3rd limited) story from the perspective of one of the characters that is not usually the main character. Remember to base it on the classic version of the tale, which would be considered public domain, not a modern copyrighted version, such as Disney. The focus of the exercise is to work on writing deep POV, so it’s okay if you modernize or expound on the tale. It’s also okay to stick close to the original ideas, but use your own words.

Easy, right?

Yeah, not so much. Others found their stories right away and started working on them almost immediately.

I, however, had a hard time just choosing a fairy tale. Most of my favorites had already been done into the ground by other venues (I’m looking at you, Disney). I tried browsing some unknown ones, or ones from different regions that were unfamiliar to me, but nothing stuck out. I spent days poring over lists of various fairy tales and folk tales.

Then, finally, one day, inspiration hit me. I came across on one of the lists the folk tale “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” I thought, what if I wrote that, but from the wolf’s perspective?

The story came to life, almost like it was writing itself. Before I knew it I had a story that barely resembled the original folk tale. With the help of my friends at The Writers’ Block, I spent the following week and a half editing, and editing, and editing, and editing some more.

And now I bring you, “A Wolf’s Debt – Part 1”. Enjoy 🙂

Copy of a wolf's debt

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