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Steem Archives

Below you’ll find posts that have only been posted to Steem so that they’re all in once place and easier to find.


The Watch

A strange gift, an even stranger business card—it all leads to one place for Andrew. He’s willing to follow the clues, to see where this pleasant mystery might take him. But the address on the card is more than a destination. It’s a fate, one Andrew has never agreed to.

A Wolf’s Debt

Part 1 | Part 2

Rayni has betrayed her pack and it’s time to face her punishment. The alpha wolf mercifully spares her life, banishing her instead. Now Rayni hunts alone, struggling with her guilt over her pack’s suffering. When she finds food, will she be able to atone for her crime? Or is she destined to remain an outcast?

From The Ashes

After Robert’s wife and daughter are killed in a fire, every day on the job as fire captain reminds him of his failure. Will he ever find peace, or are his grief and guilt too much?

Jophi’s Journey

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Still grieving the death of her father, Jophi is forced to search for work in the city so she can survive. Together with an unexpected companion, she encounters others struggling with life.



  • Rainbow Child: Our fears and love for our daughter, especially after the two miscarriages we had before her.
  • Love At Last: A poem for my husband for Valentine’s Day.


Unintended Poetry

  • Evie Refuses Her Bath: My friend @damianjayclay turned my anecdote about Evie not wanting to take a bath into a poem.
  • Right?: This unintendedpoem talks about how plagiarists need to watch out when they mess with members of The Writers’ Block.