There Was Research Involved

Copy of a wolf's debt

Rewriting a fairy tale wasn’t enough. I was writing it from the perspective of a creature I’ve never used before – a wolf.

I once published a short piece on Steem about the importance of research when you’re writing. The need for research came into play with A Wolf’s Debt, as I needed to know wolfish things: their body language, their thoughts, whether or not they can carry a lamb on their back (they can’t).

Luckily for me, I am friends with two people in The Writers’ Block that were able to help. One of them raises sheep for a living, while the other has a wolf for a pet. Both of them, with their intimate knowledge of wolf and sheep facts, were able to help me bring my story to life in a much more tangible way.

Now I was able to have Rayni howl at the moon to show grief. I learned that she would need to stay downwind of the sheep if she were to hunt them properly. And I loved that she would be able to carry a small lamb with her mouth while running, as it fit very nicely into my tale.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of A Wolf’s Debt. Part 2 is up and ready for you. You can also find links to this story and other stories by going to the Short Stories link on the top menu bar.

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