Brainstorming With A Toddler: A Glimpse at My New Writing Process

Have you ever brainstormed with a toddler? No? Well, until recently, neither had I.

A couple of months ago I entered a short flash piece to a contest that, sadly, didn’t make it past the first round of judging. Although I was kinda bummed, this actually frees me up to flesh out the story much more and try to expand the main character’s arc to be much more believable.

However, I was having some trouble focusing while on the computer. Usually when that happens I’ll go sit or lie down on my bed with a pencil and notebook and start handwriting ideas. Evie wanted to play with the pencil I was using, so I pulled out some paper and her crayons so she could scribble while I brainstormed.

She worked for a bit, then I guess she decided that mommy needed some help. I was amazed at how easily I was still able to think about and write down my ideas while she did seemingly everything she could to distract me.

But she was quiet while she drew all over my notes, and I was able to be close to her and get some work done at the same time. Below are the finished pages of notes, complete with both mine and Evie’s scribbles. Who knows! Maybe her touch will make the new version of this story really come to life! Only one way to find out.


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