Tales of a Lazy Housewife Part #2

In last week’s post I divulged the fact that I’m terrible at housekeeping, yet determined to be better and invited you all to follow me on my journey. Many of you came up with some GREAT tips and advice, so thank you for that!

One suggestion was to keep a routine so it doesn’t get so overwhelming, and I’ve been trying really hard. I don’t have a super rigid routine, but I’m doing really well, I think, at keeping things as tidy as can be. The video I posted this morning (see bottom of post) is just the work I did on one day, the following photos are the results of a couple of days of de-cluttering and tidying. I still have a TON of work ahead of me, but I’m really proud of myself for keeping up with it.

The third photo was taken yesterday. As you can see, the gate has gone back up because the toddler gets into everything, and it isn’t as easy for the hubs to keep her out of things when I’m at work, so I put the gate back up. shrugs

Yesterday I even did a little bit of deep cleaning in my kitchen! I’m so excited that I don’t even mind sharing a photo of said kitchen!

I gotta tell ya, one reason I’m kind of excited to be keeping up a good cleaning habit is my newest obsession: Grove Collaborative. No, I’m not being sponsored by them (not yet, anyway), but I just had to share. I follow a few mommy bloggers/vloggers who are being sponsored by Grove, and I thought I’d check it out. I mean, the link provided gives you free stuff if you spend $20 or more, so why not?

For those who don’t know, Grove Collaborative makes and sells cleaning products, among other things, that are good for the environment, and they come in a lot of fun scents. Below is a photo of my first order from them. Be sure to check out Juggling the Jenkins, That’s Inappropriate, or Kristina Kuzmic, and use one of their sponsor links to place your first order. If you need a reason to WANT to clean, you won’t regret it.

That’s it for this blog post! I’m hoping to upload another video in the next day or so. I have footage from this past Monday for my first ever vlog but still need to put it all together and edit.

In the comments let me know what ways you’ve tried to keep up a habit of cleaning lately. Talk to you soon!

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