Moonshade – A 50 Word Short from The Shard of Myrsi

This week’s prompt in @jayna’s Fifty Word Challenge was “shade”, so I decided to write something that may or may not end up in my fantasy novel, The Shard of MyrsiEnjoy!

Pain rippled through the gash on Sina’s back then eased.  “Isn’t moonshade poisonous?”

The healer nodded. “But the blossom, used properly, has powerful healing properties.”

Her people needed this knowledge. If she could make it back safely.

She had to try. Their lives were more important. “Can you teach me?”

2 thoughts on “Moonshade – A 50 Word Short from The Shard of Myrsi”

  1. Connie R. Watson

    Very interesting story. Will in intriguing to read your novel when it is finished and we can really see the world.

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